8 March 2017

The CovePDF Solution To Enhance The Way You Work

The CovePDF Solution To Enhance The Way You Work

We are pleased to announce the launch of a new product that is going to enhance the way companies work with PDF files.

The launch aims to enter and succeed in this highly competitive market by offering simple yet advanced features in a necessity product, which are not offered by other free PDF Readers.

CovePDF is unique in that it provides easy and free password protection capabilities.

It has a user friendly interface with a minimalistic design, it is built on the most modern platform, Electron, and it holds all the key components for driving the PDF market.

Key benefits of CovePDF:

- Document protection with password and permissions

- Digital signage and verification of documents

- Minimalistic design

- Easy reviews and commenting.

What is the idea behind?

"We see PDF as a format that will revolutionize the way companies work. Documents can be created, exchanged, signed and approved without the need for hardcopy evidence. We agreed to take the approach of 'less is more', but putting even more on top - 'something like' a password protection option for free." Stojan Gancev, R&D Manager.

Pricing, availability and next steps

The product is free of charge at its initial launch module.

Further steps of product development are already ongoing to enhance the product into a fully featured editor for PDF documents.

Companies and organizations are encouraged to send their feedback or even send a specific request for adding customized features and we can improve the way they work.

CovePDF is available for Windows and Mac OSX and can be downloaded for free here

Soon will be available on Windows store and Mac App Store. To find out more about CovePDF, see the features page.


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