18 December 2017

Unleash the Power of a Simple, Real-time PDF Collaboration

Introducing the new CovePDF 2.0 with real-time collaboration and text editing

Unleash the Power of a Simple, Real-time PDF Collaboration

Hooray for the new CovePDF! We are excited to announce the latest version of CovePDF 2.0 that comes with text editing and a unique real-time collaboration that happens inside the application. In this way, users will not be required to go online in a web browser and open additional applications in order to collaborate. We deliver such cooperation, just a single click away.

“You will receive an e-mail with the document attached and once you open the document in CovePDF, the collaboration just starts.” – Sara G., Product Analyst

It’s so elegant how all of the changes and updates are shown in each of the documents in real-time. Therefore, all users can see the same PDF document version, thus avoiding the hassle of multiple document versions.


Stay tuned since the true refreshment has just begun…

We are focused on delivering real–time collaboration on a Blockchain technology where everything is written in the digital ledger. Companies can automate their workflows, sign documents and create new procedures (e.g. Smart Contracts).

Contact us to further discuss your cases.


Other new features in CovePDF 2.0

Our development team was dedicated to bring editing features in this version and, therefore, we offer:

  • Text editing capabilities – make text modifications on any existing text, quickly and straightforwardly
  • Easy Organization – organize the structure of the document pages
  • Give your PDFs’ a desired look and feed – edit images, pages, and other elements inside the PDF


Pricing and availability

CovePDF 2.0 is a Beta version of the products and is available for Windows OS devices.

Free product download can be found on https://www.covepdf.com/free-trial

The product price remains free until the Beta version is available and potential clients can contact our sales person to further discuss their needs at https://www.covepdf.com/contact 

Visit www.covepdf.com for further information



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