CovePDF comes with a base set of powerful features. All features can be further customized to meet your specific company requirements.

CovePDF Features


Stay focused and bring your attention to important content

  • Highlight text and visually separate important content
  • Mark words, phrases and paragraphs using the mark up tools
  • Participate in the review process by adding comment notes
  • See the history of all comments made in your PDF documents and reply to each one

Get the fastest result and deliver the necessary documents on time

  • Invite your colleagues to simultaneously work with you on the same PDF document
  • Assign roles to collaborators and limit their permissions
  • Use the annotations and mark up tools to communicate during the collaboration
  • Add deadlines and keep track of the revisions other collaborators are making in real time

Accelerate the revision process and easily spot any differences in your PDF documents

  • Simultaneously compare two PDF documents side by side
  • Get visual highlights of all the changes within the documents
  • Get a summary report of the number and type of changes that the documents hold
  • See all the changes in the Changes Panel on the left side
compare documents



Edit any existing text in your PDF straightforward

  • Make quick modifications to existing text in your PDFs
  • Change the font, font style, color and line spacing
  • Edit typos, whole paragraph and pages you wish to revise
  • Align text in your PDF and amend the line spacing

Create clear information flows in your documents by organizing the structure of your document pages

  • Insert and delete pages or whole documents
  • Extract a page or page range and quickly create a second document with the desired pages
  • Move pages position throughout the document
  • Replace PDF pages with pages from other documents you need in an instance

Give your PDFs the desired look and feel

  • Insert new and delete old images
  • Reposition the existing images in your PDF
  • Resize images to fit paragraphs size and make your PDF documents more visually appealing
  • Replace old image files with new fresh images

Document Management

Prevent unauthorized access and increase the security of your documents

  • Keep greater control over your sensitive information
  • Create passwords to restrict and limit access to documents
  • Customize the permission settings for different users

Sign documents electronically without the need for printing and scanning

  • Use trusted certificates and signature to authenticate the identity of document users
  • Create your own signature within the application
  • Draw and upload an image of your signature
  • Create time-stamps to generate proof that no modifications were made

Save time, stay organized and keep the information you need one click away

  • Easily navigate through PDF
  • Save views of specific positions within your document
  • Find and quickly access the position of important content in your PDF
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