CovePDF enables you to open .pdf files that are protected with passwords as well as set access or edit usage permissions. 

You can insert a password for opening the .pdf file so that only users who know this password can open the document and view its contents.

Besides putting a password to lock the PDF file, you can also insert passwords that restrict access or certain features, such as:
• Making changes to documents;
• Inserting comments, filling forms and signing documents;
• Inserting, deleting or rotating pages within documents.
and the combination between the above mentioned features.

You can even put a password for protecting the files that are inserted as attachments, so that only users that know this password can open and view these attachments.


Digitally sign and verify documents by applying signatures electronically to save time and effort.

You can sign a document by using a trusted third party certificate or create a new one within the reader itself. You can also use the digital signature to authenticate the identity of the user who signed the document and the document’s content.

With CovePDF you can easily mark, approve or customize the certificate in your signature and specify the date and time when a document is signed by inserting the timestamp server through the Program Preference’s option.



CovePDF is a fast, lightweight and secure reader for .pdf files.

With its minimalistic design, it enables every action to be performed in an easy, effective and clear way. Besides reading a document's content you can protect it by setting a password for opening documents or setting a password to restrict certain features.

CovePDF outperforms its competitors by providing a completely new set of features for protecting the .pdf content and limiting application features. It also provides a very close look & feel/implementation of the features available in Adobe Reader and Foxit Reader and requires no additional training for users who worked with the aforementioned tools.


CovePDF provides functionalities that bring your attention to any specific text when reviewing a document. You can participate in the collaboration process by placing comment notes, highlight text or use any other text markup tools. You can also see the history of all comments made in the document and even reply to them. 

CovePDF is built on Electron - one of the most up-to-date frameworks for application development and thus sets grounds for the possibility to build custom options according to user requirements. This technology also enables easy integration for new developments, following industry trends and responding promptly to business needs. 






CovePDF simplifies revisions and organization of PDF documents with the available options for document comparison, page organization and image editing.

With the visual comparison feature you can place two documents side-by-side and view the changes between the referent document and the updated document. CovePDF visually highlights all the changes within the documents and provides a summary report of the number and type of changes that the documents hold.

With the Organize Pages feature you can combine different files into one PDF and you can reorganize pages or insert pages and entire files. The image editing features enable insertion, rotation, deletion, repositioning, resizing, replacement and other image editing options.

About CovePDF

CovePDF is a PDF solution with advanced features such as password protect, digital sign certificate and other features like bookmarks, annotations and comments. The product focus is on the minimalist design and simple use that will enhance the way companies work!

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