Add Time Stamps to Documents

CovePDF Features

Trusted time stamp proves that the contents of your PDFs existed at a point-in-time and have not changed since then.

To add a time stamp to documents, it’s needed to configure a default time stamp server.

  1. In the Signature Panel click Timestamp.
  2. In the pop-up dialog box click New to create a timestamp server.
  3. Specify the server name and complete other settings of the server on demand.
  4. Click Add.
  5. Select the created server and click Set Default to set the server as the default time stamp server.
  6. Click Save to continue.

Note: You can also create, edit, and delete time stamp servers as well as enable/disable the default one. For that reason, go to EDIT > Preferences > Time Stamp Servers and perform the following steps: Select the default time stamp server; and Click Clear.)

Once the default timestamp server is set, you can add a timestamp to a document by:

  1. In the Signature Panel click Time Stamp
  2. Save Document
  3. Open document
  4. In the signature panel Click Verify and Details to check the time stamp verification