Collaboration mode in CovePDF

CovePDF Features

When a collaborator receives an email invitation for collaboration and opens the attached document, the application will change to Real-time Collaboration Mode. Users will be able to review a document simultaneously with other users.

In Real time all users can view all changes within the document and in the Comments Panel.

The reviewers’ permission can be changed by a moderator or the initiator. During the collaboration you can edit your annotations only. You can only reply or set a status to other users annotations.

As collaborator you will be able to use which users are part of the collaboration, their set permissions and the deadline. To see this information from the Review Menu, select the Tracker Dialog box.

When starting the collaboration mode, a notification will appear, informing all users that they are in collaboration mode.

When the collaboration has ended, a notification appears informing all users that the collaboration has ended.

Once you and your team have finished collaborating, pause the collaboration and close the document.

To end/ pause a collaboration from the Review Menu select the Collaboration button. From the Collaboration dialog box you can pause your collaboration.

Once the collaboration has been finished, the PDF document will not be available for any additional changes and it will be opened in a read mode only. The PDF document needs to be saved as a copy before the collaboration has been initiated in order for users to work and edit the same file.

Note: Users will not be able to sign a document that is collaborative.