General Overview of the Application Preferences

CovePDF Features

From the Application Preferences dialog box the users can manage and organize the application’s settings.

Identity Tab

From the identity tab, users can insert information like user name, title, e mail and organization.

History Tab

History tab contains two options: Restore last view settings when reopening and Restore last session when application restarts. In case “Restore last view settings when reopening” is chosen, when same document is opened it will be opened on the last page as it was closed before. In case “Restore last session when application restarts” is chosen, when application is opened will display same documents that were opened on last close of application.

Page Display

The Page Display tab contains two options: Default page layout and Default Page Zoom that define the page view of the PDF file.


There are two options, presented with check-boxes, available in the Signature tab:

  • Verify signatures when document is opened.
  • Save signed file as a copy named 'filename_signed.pdf'.
  • The first check-box will automatically verify the digital signature when the document is open.
  • The second check-box will automatically save the document as "filename_signed", after the digital signature is placed in the document. This option is checked by default.

Time Stamp Servers

In this tab can be configured time stamp servers. It needed to be set default server in order you can add to the document.

Trust Manager

Trust Manager Tab contains three options:

  • Allow PDF files to access all web sites;
  • Block PDF files access to all web sites;
  • Custom Settings.

When the ‘Allow PDF files to access all web sites’ radio-button is selected, all links from the document will be available for re-directing to the proper web page. In contradiction, the “Block PDF files access to all web sites” will disable all re-directing to the proper web pages. From the Custom Settings, users can Specify Web Sites that can be accessed or blocked.

Check for updates

In order to see if you are working with the latest version of CovePDF you need to access the Check for Updates functionality. If you choose to activate the Automatically check for updates functionality, the system will check if you are working with the latest version of the product every time you start the application. If a new version is available, you need to follow the system’s instruction in order to upgrade the application.

Please note that an active license of the product is required in order to use the Check for Update functionality.