How to create a digital signature?

CovePDF Features

Before you sign a document, you need to draw a signature field where the signature is placed, get a digital ID, and create the signature.

To create a signature, do the following steps:

  1. Click the Sign button in the left Navigation Pane.
  2. Once the Sign pane opens up, click on the +Digitally Sign option.
  3. Drag a rectangular shape to a place in the document, where you want your signature to be positioned.

The following dialog box opens up where you can specify several signature settings:

  • Sign As – Choose the certificate with which you are going to sign the document;
  • Reason for signing the document;
  • Location;
  • Lock the document after signing;
  • Leave additional contact info (which is optional).
  • After you specify the necessary information, click on the Confirm button.
  • Save the PDF file so your signature can be saved.

If you cannot obtain a certificate from a third-party CA, you can create a new certificate within CovePDF.

To create an entirely new certificate, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Sign button in the left Toolbar.
  2. Go to the + Digitally Sign option.
  3. Draw a rectangular shape to the position in the page where you want the signature to be displayed.
  4. From the Choose Certificate dialog, click on the Create new certificate option.
  5. A new dialog opens up, where you set the information for the new certificate, such as: Name, E-mail, Organizational Unit, Organization Name, Country and which key algorithm shall be used (RSA 1024/RSA 2048).
  6. To finish the process, click on the Create button.

Note: You cannot sign a document while you are signed in for collaboration purposes.