How to create an account and sign in?

CovePDF Features

The user registration enables the user to create a user account and sign in within the application. In order to sign in within the application, the user needs to sign up with his or her email address and password and activate the account.

Please note that the user registration is needed in order for to work with the collaboration mode.

The first step in the user registration is the Sign Up.

In order to Sign Up, you need to select the Sign In button, from the User Registration panel located on the top of the start screen. The user registration panel can be accessed as well from the CovePDF's working environment.

Once the Sign in button has been selected, a dialog box will open, from which the Sign Up tab needs to be selected. Here you need to provide the email address and create a password.

Once the requested information has been provided and the user account has been created, the system will follow up with an email containing the token that needs to be inserted in order to activate the account. You need to copy this token, paste it inside the Account Activation dialog box and select the Activate button.

If the inserted token corresponds with the one from the email, the system will activate the user account.

Once you have successfully activated your user account you can Sign In within the application. To do so, from the start screen select the Sign In button, and from the Sing In tab, enter your email and password and select the Sign In button.

You can Sign In as well, by selecting the Sign In button located in the upper right corner of CovePDF’s working environment.

The Remember Me option will enable you to stay logged in within the system, hence if you do not sign out and close the application, the next time you start the program you will be logged in.

Note: All annotations that are inserted while the user is signed in will be named accordingly to the provided name from the Sing Up process.

Note: Users will not be able to sign a document while they are signed in.