Initiate collaboration in CovePDF

CovePDF Features

Once the user has successfully created an account and signed in, the collaboration feature will become available for use.

To start a collaboration;

  1. Sign in into CovePDF
  2. Open a file,
  3. From the Review Menu, click on button.

This action will open the Collaboration dialog box, from which the initiator can manage the entire collaboration process.

As initiator, you can invite one or more collaborators at the same time. For all added users in the e-mail field a single permission can be set in the adjacent Permissions field.

To add more users and set their permissions in the Collaboration dialog box:

  • Type the email of the recipient,
  • Select the role of the recipient (the initiator of the collaboration can set the Roles of the recipients to Reviewer or Moderators) and
  • Click the “add user” button which will automatically list all users and their permissions in the table below.

The table shows an overview of all users currently selected which will be invited to collaborate, in each row a single user & their permission.

In addition, a deadline for the collaboration can be set from the collaboration dialog box.

Note: Once the steps from above have been finished, a pop up dialog box will appear informing you that a program is trying to send an email on your behalf. You need to select the Allow button in order for the recipients to receive a collaboration email.