View and Verify Signatures in CovePDF

CovePDF Features

You can view all signatures added in the document by clicking on the Sign button in the left toolbar. In the Sign pane all signatures are listed which are added to the PDF file.

For each signature you can view the following information:

  • Signed by – who signed the document.
  • Date and Time when the document was signed.
  • Verification details for the specific signature.
  • Show the certificate option – a link used to open and view more details regarding the certificate in question.

CovePDF allows you to verify signatures automatically when you open the PDF document. In order for this option to be used, you would have to check the option ‘Verify signatures when document is opened’ available in Edit - > Preferences -> Signatures tab.

You can verify a signature, by clicking on the Verify option under each signature, presented in the Sign Pane.

The following are possible Verification Outcomes by clicking on Edit - > Preferences -> Signatures -> Verify

If a signature has been verified and the signature is valid, a green check mark icon will be shown. Click on the Details option, to view detailed verification information.